Sunday, January 16, 2011

whats happening!

you - "hey babe, whatr you doing today?"  me- "nothing planned, wbu? i miss you!"  you- "kay sweet your hanging with me! mount? be round soon!"  two and a half hours later you arrive, you got "caught up" talking to our youth leader- your friend about your ex. again. you had to take your exs brother to get his lunch? you ditch me after a few hours saying your "tired" to go hang out with your sister! we are meant to be close, somethings changed,  you'v changed and i dont like it, not one bit! being with the other girls lately has made me realise something, why i have so much fun with them. they dont care about what they look like, how skinny they are, how their face and hair looks. they'r not afraid to eat what they like, when they like. they dont let stupid boys stop them from having fun. you think your still heartbroken about your boyfriend leaving you 5 months ago? in that time iv had my dad die, iv been engaged and dumped a week later! you have no idea what im going through. its made me realise whats important in life and what isn't. get over it and start living, accept the facts because you'v changed and i don't like it one bit.


  1. that sucks i know how you feel!! you got engaged? so what happened??

  2. yeaa, he proposed then exactly a week later broke up with me over text. saying he thought that we fought too much and wasnt worth it anymore.

  3. What! then why did he proposed??
    well you deserve better!!