Tuesday, November 23, 2010

dont forget me

please dont forget me. you were my life, you are still my life. you mean so much to me, 5years of friendship, 18months together and an engagement. i will never forget a moment. i know we started to grow apart but i miss you and i truly believed we could get that back. we had so much fun. i still remember that one day we hung out as friends, a whole day just around papamoa. we had our sorbet and had sorbet fights, you insisted on carrying me down the road, we had sword fights after our mission around the $2 shop and dollar value. the time we spent on the beach, just walking around the streets laughing and flirting. was one of the best days of my life and one of my most treasured memories. i miss that day, i miss us, i miss you. as much as i wish i could hate you for what you did, i don't and i know i won't. as much as i want to make you suffer for what you did? i just can't. i want to be how we were, running around like little kids having fun without a care in the world. enjoying eachothers company, having the time of our lives. we had plans, plans for the future. even when we're old and wrinkly we would be running around the place having our cream and sword fights, racing eachother in wheelchairs. i miss you, i miss everything about you, i miss what we had and i long for the day when we can be like this again.

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