Tuesday, November 23, 2010

you're a treasure

you are beautiful, i wish you would see that. my closest friend. you don't need to dress up or try change yourself for anyone, not any guy, no-one. you are perfect the way you are. through everything you have stood by me, you're a treasure to me, i wish you would see that. i can't remember us meeting like you can but i can remember everything, every time we have shared, baking in the middle of the night cause we were hungry, crying of laughter when 'quaded' down your beach, trips to maccas, running around your house trying to find the best place to tan, our massive pig outs then workouts the next day, trying to start our own bonfires, our bitch sessions and long talks, drunken times, church the next day and not being able to stop laughing, our dancing in the middle of songs, our singing in the car, our 'dates', all of our failed photos... i love you, you are truly beautiful. i wish you would see that.

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