Wednesday, December 29, 2010

i want out

i dont care if your "not my guy" but i dont get how you can do the same as me, except with you? your doing nothing wrong. its exactly the same situation. "i not your guy and shes my mate. they had no right" "its like you hating any guy that iv ever got with, you wanna go after him, its exactly the same" - no reply. because you know it is. i was driving, i read that text and had to pull over. i couldn't breath my chest felt heavy  i just couldn't believe it. i wanted to cry, i wanted to scream. hearing after all this time your taking her side? i couldn't believe it. what is your problem, cant you see whats happening? shes taking you away, they all are its like your a completely different person now and dont want anything to do with me or your old life anymore. you seem to flick your feelings on and off like a switch, whenever is convenient for you. your not the person i thought you were and the way its going? i dont wanna find out who you really are now. im here for you, i always will be but im not gunna wait around forever while you decide what you want, who you wanna be. i know who you really are and this isn't it. i hope you realise that.

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