Sunday, December 19, 2010

you saved me

the perfect hugs, coming to the hospital when i needed you the most, always being there when i need you. the amazing, breath taking kisses. the photos, the cute poems you wrote me, the suprise picnic at the park. coming to wake me up and suprise me with a flower on our anniversary. the post-it notes you covered my room with, all with reasons why you love me, what you love about our relationship. the cd you made me. the way you pushed me to go through with that bungy jump we did together. our sorbet and sword fights. the way we have 'our foods'. the way you piggy backed me down the street and still try to pick me up when you know i hate it. the way we have fun together and be dicks. the sweet texts i would always get from you. the cuddles, the laughing, playing cricket out the back of my house with my brother, me pretending im amazing and you pretending to believe it. sitting on the roof acting all cute. the way we would text eachother, sitting right next to eachother. the way we just understand eachother, the way we cant stay away and always end up close again, no matter what.  you saved me, from who i used to be, when i needed you most you were there. i love you, i trust you, please do not let me return to the person that i was. you saved me, you changed me.

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