Sunday, December 26, 2010

not long left

in a few hours you will be here, i cannot wait. one of my best friends since i first started school. i remember the day when our mums introduced us, your first day at tahatai coast, i was your first friend. since then you've moved around.. alot. countries, houses, loosing and gaining friends along the way. we both have but you? you are a constant in my life. we have spent years apart before but when we see eachother it is always as if no time has passsed. unlike some others i can fully be myself around you, we joke, we laugh, we make videos of our 'band', the 'ghosts' in your room, we look back at them each time we are together and cry from laughter. you are always here for me, flew over from aussie for the funeral just to be here with us. iv missed you, iv missed that innocent happiness and being around you. in a few hours you will be here, i cannot wait.

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