Sunday, December 19, 2010

never letting you go

"i want us to be friends when we're old nanas, we will go to mccafe every wednesday before bowling club, get caramel lattes and carrot cake- race eachother on our scooters to our old folks home! we have eachother kole, im always sticking by you. i want the best for you and we can get through this together, me and you hun. i love you so so much"   - the one constant in my life. i love you forever, i will always be here for you. your my angel, i will not let that change next year when i move.


  1. aww thats sad your moving?? well i hope you still are best friends you seem like two peas in a pod! which one is you?? i feel the same way about my sister she is my best friend i can't live with out her!

  2. im on the right. yeaa im moving but only to hamilton, an hour an abit away so thats not too bad. still gunna be so sad! aw do you two live together?